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Help! My Website Has Been Hacked!

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Website Down, Hijacked or Being Attacked? Has Your Domain Been Blacklisted or Marked by Google as Hacked? We Can Help – Now!

FreshRobot specializes in removing malware from websites, clearing domains from blacklists, blocking hacker phishing, removing infected files, correcting brand and site defacements, removing SEO spam and many other issues that threaten your website and more importantly, your reputation. We can block DDoS attacks, improve and optimize your website’s performance and prevent hackers from exploiting software vulnerabilities such as Plugin Exploits, Backdoors, Security Holes, SQLi, XSS, RCE, etc… We clean and repair most sites of malware in the same day and remove your domain blacklist normally within 24 hours.

FreshRobot Cleans, Repairs And Protects Websites.

Once restored, FreshRobot’s cloud-based solution will protect your website and prevent it from being hacked again. There is no software or plugins to install. We will thoroughly scan, clean, monitor & protect your website continuously so you can get back your more important things. – we’ve got your back.

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