Imagine Having Your Own 12-Person Team To Develop, Support and Protect Your Websites.

{ The Good News Is You Don't Have To Carry The Overhead. }


FreshRobot Helps Agencies Develop, Support and Protect Their Client's Websites From The Ground Up.

FreshRobot works exclusively and discreetly with small-to-medium advertising agencies to help develop, support and protect their client websites. We have no direct-to-client relationships, nor are we part of an advertising agency – we see this as a conflict of interest. Our job is to help agencies offer more web and digital-oriented services to their clients so they can say yes more. Having FreshRobot on your team is like having your own 12-person web development team to develop, manage and protect your client's web-operations – but without the overhead, limited technical expertise and time limitations often found with full-time staff.

We cut our teeth in the agency world. We understand the business and the challenges your agency faces every day. We know you expect high-quality output, a will-do attitude, and protection for your client relationships. We will be the easiest partner you work with and the one you feel the most comfortable bringing to the table. Our position is simple. It's your client. It's your creative. It's our know-how.

Free Your Creatives To Focus On What They Do Best. We'll Handle The Techie Stuff.


Looking for help developing your client website? Are you missing opportunities because you're not comfortable with a project's complexity? FreshRobot is here to help. Big or small we will deliver your project on time and on budget.


Do you have existing client websites needing attentions and even a little tender loving care? FreshRobot is ready to jump in and adopt your websites and care for them as if it were our own. We will keep them healthy and your clients happy.



It’s just a matter of time until a website suffers from an attack or is hacked. FreshRobot can add multiple layers of protection and continuity measures to your websites that will stop hackers in their tracks and keep your sites online.

We Work With Your Agency, Never Around It.


Your Agency's Location Doesn't Matter.
Our Clients Are Around The World.

{ We're Happy Sitting In Our Little Town, Just Outside of Charlotte, NC }

Client Locations

Anchorage, AK ~ Boston, MA ~ Charlotte, NC ~ Raleigh, NC ~ Houston, TX ~ Atlanta, GA
Cincinnati, OH ~ Los Angeles, CA ~ New York, NY ~ Richmond, VA

London, UK ~ Sydney, AU ~ Shanghai, CN ~ Montreal, CA ~ Amsterdam, NL ~ Milan, IT


Don't Take Our Word For It.
Here's What Our Agencies Are Saying.

{ Sometimes Behind Our Backs }

...they speak English this old dog can understand.
— XXXX, Agency Owner’s like they’re just down the hall. I call and they come running. Now, if I can get my kids to do the same.
— XXXX, Agency Owner
...the work is solid. I can’t think of a time I had a bad surprise.
— XXXX, Account Executive
...FreshRobot makes me look good. I’m a happy camper.
— XXXX, Agency Owner
...I make pretty pictures. I don’t care about the technical parts. They take that work off my plate.
— XXXX, Senior Art Director
...they join us on calls and for client meetings. I have never worried about them not having my best interest in mind.
— XXXX, Agency Owner
...we get technical questions daily and we’ve yet to stump them.
— XXXX, Agency Owner
...the client is happy. Enough said.
— XXXX, Project Manager

Don't Worry, Our Lips Are Sealed.

{ Seriously, All Kidding Aside. }

We respect the security and privacy of our agencies and their client.
We will not discuss project details nor will we feature, post, share examples of our (your) work.

We Do Not Disclose Information About Our Agencies or Their Client.